Genius idea: fix the graphics so I can play the game again


The new graphics are terrible, and make the game unplayable. This used to be my unironically favorite mobile game with the old graphics. I also think that they should bring back the golden eggs instead of bananas. Like why did they even change anything? It ruins the entire game! I also don’t like the skins having levels, as they should just be skins. My favorite version of this game is when they had introduced wings. The water color was actually distinct from the walls, which aren’t even a thing anymore. I liked it when the “nice graphics” button changed the water color, not when it adds trees. I also was actually able to play the game when they had the old banana skin, which was my favorite part about the game. Such a subtle and simple detail can change the entire experience. I’m not going to play the game until the developer comes to his/her senses and actually tries to improve the game instead of changing literally everything that made the game good in the first place.